Alternatives To Asking For More Money

We all know that in a rough economic market, it’s tough to ask for more money, but you do have options. Receiving additional benefits doesn’t always have to be cash, and in some cases it can be an even better alternative. We’ve put together a quick list of possible benefits that you can request if you feel like you deserve the extra compensation, but know the employer isn’t able to actually give you a standard raise.

More Vacation Time – This is probably the first one people think of, and it’s a great substitute. Depending on how vital you are to the day-to-day operations of a business, this one could be extremely viable. This doesn’t have to be a bad deal for the business either. The work can build up while you’re gone and can be finished when you return with little effect on the bottom line.

Health Benefits – This isn’t probably what you’re thinking. Most people think this refers to health insurance, but really it’s more of a “lifestyle” benefit. Whether it’s a gym membership, healthier food at work, or a yoga class at the workplace, this is another bargaining chip that can work for both sides. A healthier, more energetic work force is music to an employers ears so this is one of the easiest perks to ask for if you feel like improving your health on your companies dime.

Schedule Flexibility – Being flexible on your schedule doesn’t necessarily mean that you’d work less hours. Maybe there is a time of day, or a day out of the work that you’d rather do your work and haven’t thought to ask. This is largely dependent on your industry and job environment, but for some people there just isn’t a reason why they have to come in early in the morning or leave later at night than they’d like.

Paid Training – Want to earn more money? Get more training or licenses and be qualified to capitalize on things that you may not be monetizing right now. Asking for your employer to pay for additional training is by far the easiest item on this list to request. Employers will very rarely refuse, and it’s nice to show them that you are a driven and focused employee. We highly recommend this option at any time, even if you’ve recently gotten a raise or asked for something else on this list.

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