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Alternatives To Asking For More Money

We all know that in a rough economic market, it’s tough to ask for more money, but you do have options. Receiving additional benefits doesn’t always have to be cash, and in some cases it can be an even better alternative. We’ve put together a quick list of possible benefits that you can request if […]

Salary Negotiation Mistakes

Bringing up a contract negotiation can make the most fearless people sweat. While most people have to broach the subject at some point, they also make a good number of mistakes. One way to make things a little easier is to make sure the new deal works for both sides. The employer and employee should […]

4 Simple Solutions To Increase Your Salary

If you want to amplify your salary, follow these 4 simple steps to a better and higher paid you! These steps are so simple you will be surprised just how easy it is to maximize your earnings. 1: Choose The Right Industry: The unemployment rate hit nearly 8.5 percent in March. Knowing what industry to […]

Know When To Share Your Salary

You know your best friend more than anyone. You know her favorite color, her favorite food, her favorite place to shop, but do you know her salary? She seems like she’s doing ok, she bought those expensive red heels for the cocktail party last weekend, and when you meet for coffee she offers to pay, […]