Tea Party Taxes

The Tea Party has been the root of the biggest turnover for the last 72 years. And I guess this group won’t be going anywhere for a while.  It’s amazing how this group lasted all those years, this just proves that America doesn’t want to go though progressive socialism yet. They’re not ready, and they think that socialism is not going to lead us anywhere.  They see socialism as regressive and the history proves it.tea party

There is a history behind the name of Tea Party. It was from the Townsend Act, the cause of the revolutionary war and the beginning of the well known United States of America. I was able to have a discussion about Tea Party with a New Yorker lately. He is pro Tea Party and he wants lesser taxes. Good thing when the topic is about taxes, I was able to share at least a few things.

I have been around and I have observed a lot of waste from the government. It’s absolutely astounding to see the waste. I agreed with him when he said lesser taxes. I live in California and I believe New York is not very different with the monetary challenges that California is going through. New York may not be suffering as much as California but they are having a hard time solving the problem as well. Paterson just dismissed another 898 state workers. I think he intended to keep it below 900 so it’ll sound less depressing?

Well, I guess federal income tax will continue to increase and further give us a burden as bureaucracy grows as well.  There is an enormous pension obligation and I don’t know if it is even possible to fulfill those promises. “Read My Lips or Read My Tea Leaves – No to Taxes!” I guess that would be the latest cry of the new members of the Tea Party. Honestly, I don’t have any complain on what they’re doing. They have all the right in the world to voice out what they believe in and ask for a change.  I hope that this matter will be taken into account.

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