UK Salary Calculator

Our launch unfortunately came before our UK salary calculator was complete, but it should be done soon so make sure to bookmark the site so you can come back and check it out. Until then we’ve included a couple links that may help you find what you are looking for.


The Salary Calculator – This is probably the most popular version out there for the UK at this point. It doesn’t have many bells & whistles, but it should give you a pretty good estimate.


Listen To Tax Man – I generally prefer this version but it doesn’t have a great visual breakdown, and doesn’t offer as many options as The Salary Calculator listed above. If you just need a simple wage summary after taxes, this is a good version to use.


I-Resign UK Tax Calculator – This is a simple little tool that you can also get on your phone. I’m not sure if I would pick it over the other options, but it does its function and since it does have a phone app I figured I’d list it.


Hope that helps, we should have our version available soon!