Know When To Share Your Salary

Sharing Salary

You know your best friend more than anyone. You know her favorite
color, her favorite food, her favorite place to shop, but do you know
her salary? She seems like she’s doing ok, she bought those expensive
red heels for the cocktail party last weekend, and when you meet for
coffee she offers to pay, but you secretly wonder how much money she

Is it a good idea to share your salary? Dick Dauphinais of Strategic
Compensation Partners says the answer is no. Issues arise and
friendships are tested when salaries are discussed. If you know that
your friend makes more, you assume she should pick up the check
because lets face it, she can. Even bigger issues arise when friends
work in the same company and are aware of each other’s salaries. The
work load is mentally shifted for the lesser salaried employee because
they feel that their work load should be lighter since they aren’t
making what the higher salaried employee is. If you know that your
friend makes more than you doing the same labor, do some research.
Find out what other companies are paying their employees with similar
work loads, go to the salary calculator online and investigate how
much you feel you are worth, then follow these simple steps:

  • Go to your boss
  • Set up a meeting
  • Explain how you feel
  • Don’t get defensive
  • Present your research

Whatever the outcome with your boss, decide if your friendship is
worth keeping. If salary is going to get in the way of your next
shopping trip or your going to resent her for buying that new handbag,
keep your coworkers and friends separate.

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